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Keep Your Cool – AC Tune-Ups Are Here!


As summer approaches, make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the heat. Our expert HVAC technicians provide air conditioner maintenance to maximise performance and efficiency.


Ducted Reverse Cycle AC – We’ll thoroughly inspect your central ducted air conditioner, clean the components, check refrigerant levels, test for leaks, and make any necessary repairs. Proper maintenance prevents breakdowns when you need cooling the most.


Evaporative Cooler – We’ll service your evaporative cooler (single and double storey), clean the pads, treat the water, adjust and lubricate parts to ensure optimal cooling. Routine maintenance optimises efficiency and cooling power.


Split System AC – We’ll maintain your split system AC, clean the indoor/outdoor coils, oil the motors, check pressures, and test functionality. Discounts available on service for additional units!


Multisplit System AC – We’ll inspect all the heads of your complex multisplit air conditioning system, clean evaporator coils, assess refrigerant levels, and make any necessary repairs. Comprehensive maintenance prevents issues.

Contact us to schedule AC service for your home. Our upfront pricing means no surprise charges. Keep cool in every room this summer with our expert AC service and repairs. Call today!


HVAC Repairs

We provide general plumbing repairs. A service report outlines any issues and gives a quote to fix them. Repairs cover:


  • Travel
  • General inspection

Parts are not included. If the unit needs more than a repair, we’ll provide an on-the-spot quote to replace it.


Fault Diagnosis

We diagnose AC faults billed in 30 minute intervals covering:

  • Travel
  • On-site time up to 30 minutes

Parts are not included. If the unit needs more than a repair, we’ll provide a replacement quote on-the-spot.

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