The best way to warm your entire home is with Ducted Heating. There’s nothing better than walking through the door on a cold winter’s day into a house that’s warm and cosy.

Why Choose Gas Ducted Heating:

In most areas, electricity costs are rising faster than gas prices, naturally making it a popular choice with our clients. Ducted central heating is the most cost effective way to heat your entire home. They can be installed outside, in the roof or under the floor from where the warm air is then distributed throughout your home via a network of ducts. You can choose from a range of 3, 4, 5 star and now introducing much anticipated 6 star gas ducted heater where you can save up to 30% on your next energy bill. Coupled with the zoning facilities of 4 & 5 star heaters you can save up to 60% on running costs, plus it’s kinder to the environment, as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other forms of heating.

How does Ducted Heating work:

A gas ducted heating system draws air from inside your home through the heater where it is warmed. A fan pushes it into the rooms of your home via the outlets and duct network, in the form of a steady, gentle supply of warm air.

The controller monitors the air temperature on a continual basis and once your home reaches your desired temperature the heater unit switches off. The fan then comes to a halt slowly, ensuring that all the remaining heat inside the unit is used.

The benefits of installing a Ducted Heating System:

  • Cheaper to install
  • Lower running costs
  • Quiet heating systems
  • Lower installation costs
  • Superior Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER)
  • Set temperatures in different rooms with zoning
  • Gas Ducted Heating prices that’ll blow your socks off
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