Considering refrigerated Air Conditioning for your home or business.

Hi-Wall Inverter Split Systems:

Just want to cool one area?

Split systems are used for heating and cooling individual rooms throughout the home. As the name suggests, this system is split into two components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is the fan coil and the compressor is placed outside of the home.

Split System air conditioners are designed to condition a single room or open plan living area, they are not designed to condition a whole home.

Multi-Head Split Systems:

Haven’t got much roof space?

Multi-Head Split Systems are ideal for new or retrofit installations in both single and double storey dwellings, including apartments.

The use of DC Inverter technology delivers superior and energy efficient temperature control. The inclusion of a variable speed drive in the motor system means that temperature settings are consistently maintained without the stop/start function of a conventional air conditioner.

Plus, with a Multi-Head Split System each indoor unit can be set to suit individual temperature requirements, allowing you to minimise energy wastage and ultimately save money.

The benefits of installing split system air conditioning include:

  • Ability to set the temperature at different levels for individual rooms by installing multiple split system units throughout your home or business.
  • Energy-efficient operation – save money on your power bills!
  • Visually attractive – designs these days can fit in with any room interior
  • Quiet when running
  • Easy remote control operation
  • Easy to maintain/clean.
  • Air purifying filters which collect dust, preventing them from re-circulating around the room.
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