Do you already have gas ducted heating in your home?

Why choose an add-on refrigerated system:

Add-on cooling is a great option for many properties. Added onto your gas ducted heating, it enables you to run refrigerated air conditioning as well as heating from the same ducting system. The air that you get in your home is filtered as well as dehumidified.

How does it work:

Add-on air conditioner gives you total climate control in your home, year round. This series incorporates an air conditioning unit as well as a ducted heater to give you both heating and cooling through the same ducts.

It uses the fan from your ducted heater to deliver cool, filtered and refrigerated air to each room. And you can install your add-on cooling system when you install your heater or at a later time.

The benefits of installing add-on refrigerated cooling:

  • Our wide range of brands help you choose the design that suits your home!
  • Seamless integration and easy operation with set and forget wall control units.
  • Zone control for superior cost-efficiency.
  • Concealed Air Conditioner Installation – Vents can be positioned in your floor, wall or ceiling
  • Ducted Systems are a value-add to your home or business
  • Even comfort distribution
  • Can prove to be cheaper than having single units for each separate room
  • Helps with filtering the air for better health
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